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Online fraction calculator is an online tool used to compute fraction automatically. Users are only required to press numbers and math operation signs to perform the calculation. The answer will be computed automatically in simplified form. Users will be presented with step by step solution that will be displayed right below the online fraction calculator. There are three groups of buttons in the calculator. The first group represents the whole numbers. They are located at the half left part of the calculator. They have bigger button sizes and positioned in the middle horizontally. The second group represents the numerators. They have smaller sizes compared to whole numbers group. They are located at the upper left part of the calculator. The last group represents the denominators. They have the same sizes to numerators group and located at the left lower part of the calculator.

Online fraction calculator has been design to be displayed and used both in desktop and mobile system. The size of this calculator will conform to the size of the screen. So if the size of the screen is 320px wide, the size of the calculator will be equal or less than 320px wide also. And if the size of the screen is 1024px wide, the size of the calculator will be 1024px or less also. The height is directly proportional with its width. There is a certain ratio that has been followed in computing the height of the calculator with respect to its size.
Online fraction calculator has also been designed to be used easily. It was carefully crafted so that the headache and the difficulty in learning especially in its first use will be eliminated. When creating a fraction, the user will press the numerator and the denominator of his choice. That is the only thing to do in creating a fraction. If user needs to do mixed numbers operation, he only needs to press the whole number button followed by numerator then denominator button.

Adding fraction or mixed numbers with online fraction calculator

When adding fractions, user will need to enter fraction by press the numerator button and denominator. Then he will press addition sign button. Then he will enter again another fraction. Finally, he can press the equal button to compute the answer or he can continue adding fractions. User is allowed to add up to ten fractions. When adding mixed the numbers, the procedures is the same except that the user need first to press the whole number of his choice before entering a fraction. User can add both mixed number and fraction by combining the procedure above.

Subtraction of Fraction or Mixed number using online fraction calculator

When doing the subtraction for fraction or mixed number, the procedure is the same with the addition of fraction except that the operation button that the user will press is the subtraction sign. User must take note that the first fraction should be way greater than the second fraction so that the answer will not be negative. Negative fraction is not normal in the eyes of normal person. It is only common to mathematician and other mathematical individuals.

Multiplication of Fraction or Mixed number

The tedious process of multiplying fractions or mixed numbers has been already taken care of the online fraction calculator. User will only need to enter fraction or mixed number followed by pressing the multiplication sign followed by another fraction or mixed number then hit equal. The answer as well as the solution is displayed automatically.

Division for Fraction or Mixed number

The procedure here is the same with the multiplication except that instead of pressing multiplication sign, user will press division sign. If the user, want to know how the calculator arrived the correct answer, the solution is displayed at the bottom of the calculator so he can review it.

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Welcome to Mayvitamix fraction calculator. This calculator will help you solve a lot of fraction problems. Anyone can use this from from student to math teachers and any professionals who has fraction problems to solve with.

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